Summer 2015 – Bollywood-Hollywood 

Film Censorship In India: The Need For Urgent Reform
By Justice Mukul Mudgal

Guest Editor’s Column
By Lalit Bhasin

Film Certification In India—A Tight Rope Walk
By Ms. Leela Samson;

A Sea Change In The India’s Film Industry: New Opportunities For Hollywood
By Mr. Anand Desai

The Need For A Motion Picture Co-Production Treaty Between India And The United States
By Mr. Ameet Naik

Scope For Further Promoting A Budding Relationship Between The Film Industries In The United States And India
by Mr. Uday Singh;

Distribution of Content on Digital Media in India—Key Tax Considerations
By Ms. Samira Varanasi, Ms. Ranjana Adhikari & Mr. Rajesh Simhan;

Visas and Tax Travails of Foreign Artists in India
By Ms. Poorvi Chothani

Case Notes on recent Indian Case Law affecting the Film Industry
By Mr. Aseem Chawla, Mr. Shamik Saha, Ms. Priyanka Mongia

Spring Issue 2015 – International Trade Law

Is India Special Enough For The 301 List?
By Raj Bhala

Challenges In Anti-Dumping Investigations In India
By J.K. Dadoo and D.P. Mohapatra

India’s Public Stockholding Of Agricultural Products: Will Exports Of Procured Food Grains Cause Trade Distortion?
By Abhijit Das

The Rise Of The Regulatory State: How Good Manufacturing Practice Requirements Can Collide With Obligations Under The Wto Agreement On Technical Barriers To Trade
By Iain MacVay, Christina Markus, and Michael Taylor

Recent Changes In Fdi Regime For Indian Realty
By Vivek Kohli and Anu Chowdhry

Introduction Of Separate Regulatory Framework For Medical Devices
By Sunil Tyagi and Anu Chowdhry

The Services Sector In Eu-India Trade Negotiations
By Anirudh Shingal

Case Notes
By Aseem Chawla, Shamik Saha, Pranshu Goel

Summer/Fall 2014 – Venture Capital

The Globalization Of The Indian Startup Space: Opportunities And Challenges
By Anirudh Suri

Venture Capital Investments In India: Issues And Challenges
By Cyril Shroff and Ravi Kumar

Raising Venture Capital In The United States: Intellectual Property Protection Is The Key
By Christopher J. McHattie, Neeraj R. Joshi and John B. Baldini

Venture Capital And Leveraged Buy-Outs In India – The Road Ahead
By Abhijeet Sonawane and Bhanudey Singh Kanwar

India’s Budget 2014: Whither Amendments To Tax Laws Applied Retroactively?
By Mukesh Butani, Sumit Singhania and Rahul Yadav

Case Notes
By Aseem Chawla and Shamik Saha

Spring Issue 2014 – The Companies Act

Independent Directors Under The Companies Act 2013
By Mukundan Bharathan

A Landmark Law On Corporate Social Responsibility In India Took Effect On April 1, 2014
By Lalit Kumar

Corporate Social Responsibility Provisions Under The Companies Act 2013: Salient Issues And Challenges
By Pankaj Jain

Government’s Ambivalence Reflected – The Law On Corporate Social Responsibility Does Not Address Social Business Policy
By Ankita Srivastava

Focus On Rural India: Law On Corporate Social Responsibility Boosts Action To Address Social Inequity
By Jane Schukoske

The Companies Act, 2013: An Attempt To Increase Transparency And Accountability In Related Party Transactions
By Raj Barot and Mehul Modi

Dispute Resolution Under The New Companies Act
By Ajit Sharma

The Companies Act 2013 – Despite The Accolades, It Deserves Some Flak Too!
By Lalit Kumar

Trembling Publishers And Intrepid Ideologues: India’s Approach To Regulating Hate Speech As Both Solution And Problem
By Daniel Hantman

Case Notes – The Supreme Court Agrees To Consider Whether To Grant Reargument On Its Decision Upholding The Constitutionality Of Section 377 Of The Indian Penal Code Criminalizing Gay Sex
By Debopama Roy

Case Notes – A Step Toward A Uniform Civil Code
By Chritarth Palli

Report On The India Committee’s Stand-Alone Conference In New Delhi
By James P. Duffy, III

Winter 2014 – Civil Aviation Part 2

Foreign Direct Investment In India’s Air Carriers: A New Case For Efficiency?
By Sundeep Dudeja and Vaibhav Kakkar

Foreign Direct Investment Issues In The Backdrop Of The Jet Airways – Etihad Airways Strategic Acquisition
By Vikas Kumar

The Impact Of Direct And Indirect Taxes On Foreign Carriers Operating In India
By Pawan Khatter and Jayanta Kalita

Tax Turbulence For Indian Aviation
By Vikas Srivastava and Sanjeev Sachdeva

Cross-Border Aircraft Leasing: An Indian Tax Perspective
By Aseem Chawla

A Next Generation Regional Turboprop Transport: A National Aerospace Project For India
By Robert S. Metzger

Fall 2013 – Civil Aviation Issue

The Many Challenges Facing Civil Aviation In India
By Robert S. Metzger

Civil Aviation In India—The View From 30,000 Feet
By Vivek Lall

Legal Restraints On Infrastructure Development In The Aviation Sector
By Amitabh Chaturvedi and Sumita Chauhan

Obtaining Land For Airports & Infrastructure
By Yogesh Singh, Pia Singh & Aditya Alok

Regulatory Challenges Affecting Airport Development Economics For Private Sector Participation
By William Vivian John and Sumithra Suresh

Growth of Airports and Their Environmental Impact- The India Perspective between Greenfield and Brownfield—Green Is The Only Option
By Atul Sharma

Summer 2013 – Women in Legal Profession

Practicing On The Margins Of Mainstream Law – A Personal Perspective On Sexual Violence Against Women In India
By Naina Kapur

The New Women In Black: Firms, Frames, Families And Futures In The Legal Profession In India
By Swethaa Ballakrishnen

A Survey Of The Challenges Faced By Indian Women Advocates In Litigation
By Swagata Raha and Sonal Makhija

Under-Representation Of Women In The Judiciary: An Argument For Gender Diversity On The Bench
By Latika Vashist

India Passes A New Bill For The Protection Of Women In The Workplace
By Sheetal Parkash

Pushpa Hingorani – The Woman Who Sparked The Revolution In Public Interest Litigation In India
By Ajeet Singh

First Woman Legal Advisor On International Law In South Asia: Neeru Chadha
By Amita Dhanda

The Importance Of Women Lawyers’ Organizations In India
By Priti Suri and Krishna Jhala

The Novartis Case: A Sui Generis Decision That Does Not Jeopardize Pharmaceutical Patent Protection In India.
By V. Lakshmikumaran

Briefly Noted: Supreme Court of India Trenchantly Criticizes the Doctrine of Adverse Possession
By Amitabh Tewari and Gayatri Chadha

Winter Spring 2013 – Taxation in India

Does Retroactive Legislation Compromise Judicial Independence? The Constitutionality of the Vodafone Legislation
By Mukesh Butani and Rahul Yadav

Recent Developments In The Introduction Of GST in India
By V. K. Garg

Working In India On Temporary Assignment: A Journey Through A Maze Of Income Taxes
By Gagan Kumar

Taxation Of Software Licenses – An Unending Saga
By Rupak Saha, Girish Gurnani, Amit Rana

Tax Controversy Management For Multinational Corporations In India
By Sujit Ghosh and Sudipta Bhattacharjee

General Anti-Avoidance Regulations: The Indian Journey So Far
By Aseem Chawla and Shweta Kapoor

The “Deeming Fiction” For Taxing Earn-Outs
By Krishan Malhotra and Surabhi Singhi

Foreign Direct Investment In India’s Education Sector: The Foreign Educational Institutions Bill Of 2010 And The Universities For Research And Innovation Bill Of 2012
By Vandana Shroff and Ashish Jejurkar

Trademark Squatting In India: With A Brief Comparative Look At China
By Saloni Jain and Khushboo Sukhwani; Additional Contributions by Pooja Dutta

Case Notes: Supreme Court Decisions On Enhancement Of Compensation In Land Acquisition Cases
By Vivek Kohli and Shivambika Sinha

Fall 2012 – Privacy

The Protection Of Privacy And Personal Data In Social Media – An Analysis Of The Indian Information Technology Act
By Vidhi Agarwal and Annu Sharma

Indian Data Privacy Framework In The Context Of Cross-Border Transfer Of Data
By Ankita Ray

Forensics In The Social Media Space
By Gurjot Singh

A Look At India’s Employee Privacy Policy In A Global Context
By Michael Green

Social Media And Censorship In India
By Probir Roy Chowdury and Garima Jhunjhunwala

Caution Isn’t Kosher – Why India Needs To Adopt The Iinet Guidelines For Isp Liability
By Eashan Ghosh

Copyright Infringement And Intermediary Liability
By Prashant Kumar

Saving The Starving Artist
By Seema Sukumar

Dual Use Technology Under India’s Foreign Trade Policy
By Seema Sukumar and Garima Jhunjhunwala

Social Security Agreements: Scope & Effects
By Sunil Tyagi and Sayanhya Roy

Case Notes – Bharat Aluminum Restores Pro-Arbitration Regime
By Dipankar Vig

Summer 2012 – Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism and India
By Eric Hargan

Medical Malpractice Laws In India – A Summary
By Suhas Srinivasiah and Arjun Krishnamoorthy

Innocents Abroad? Health Data Safeguards For Medical Tourists In India
By Kenneth N. Rashbaum and Sajai Singh

Medical Visas For India
By Poorvi Chothani, Esq.

Conundrum Of Medical Devices Approval Process In India
By Neeraj Dubey

Medical Devices: Indian Regulatory Regime And Way Forward
By Debashish Sankhari and Shuchi Sinha

Must Knows For Engaging Contract Labor In India
By Sunil Tyagi & Namrata Wadhawan

Case Notes: Madras High Court Rules That Foreign Lawyers May “Fly-In and Fly-Out” To Provide Advice on Foreign Law to Indian Clients
By Aseem Chawla and Surabhi Singh

Winter 2012 – Competition Law

India’s Competition Law – What Has Really Changed?
By Suzanne Rab

Indian Competition Law – The Enforcement Of Abuse Of Dominance Provisions
By Vinod Dhall and Alok Nayak

Impact Of Competition Law On India’s Real-Estate Sector – An Analysis Of The Recent Order Against DLF
By MM Sharma

Competition Commission Takes Hold Of M&A Activity
By Ankush Goyal

Merger Control In India
By Ashish Jejurkar and Nisha Kaur Uberoi

Equipping Competition Laws To Protect An Innovative Economy: Can Canada Assist India?
By Chris Hannesson

Planning Opportunities For Indian Foreign Investments In Colombia
By Fernan Rodriguez and Alonso Sanchez

Cross Border Investments – A Contemporary Appraisal: The Vodafone Tax Case
By Aseem Chawla and Surabhi Singhi

Case Notes: Indian Supreme Court Condemns The Practice Of Transferring Property Through The Grant Of A General Power Of Attorney
By Aseem Chawla and Surabhi Singhi

U.S. And India Key Legal Aspects Of Cross Border Business:  A Recap
By Richa Naujoks

Fall 2011 – Environment

Introduction To Environmental Law And Policy In India At The End Of 2011
By Dr. Armin Rosencranz

Environmental Law In India — Does It Lack Teeth?
By Vandana Shroff and Ashish Jejurkar

The Implementation Of Environmental Judgments
By Geetanjoy Sahu

Lafarge Decision – Light At The End Of The Tunnel?
By Ravi Singhania and Sunayna Jaimini

Relocating Environmental Regulatory Powers
By Kanchi Kohli and Manju Menon

Monsanto’s Brinjal Biopiracy: A Shocking Expose Of Callous Disregard For Biodiversity Laws In India
By Leo F. Saldanha and Bhargavi S. Rao

India’s Role In Multilateral Climate Change Negotiations
By Namrata Patodia Rastogi

Case Notes – New Jersey Appellate Court Rejects Economic and Spiritual Injury Claims against Restaurant that Served Meat-Filled Samosas to Vegetarian Diners
By Sean G. Kulkarni

Summer 2011 – Defense Procurement

A “Work In Progress” – The Evolving U.S.-India Defense Supply Relationship
By Robert S. Metzger and Sanjay J. Mullick

Navigating Defense Procurement Challenges In India
By Robb Fipp, Rina Singh, David Stevens

Increasing Foreign Direct Investment In The Defence Sector: Security Concern Or Strengthening India’s Defence?
By Vandana Shroff and Ashish Jejurkar

The Boeing Deal And The Future Of U.S.-India Defense Trade
By Amy Hariani

Public Tender Process Protest In India And Defence Procurement
By Anand S. Dayal

Defence Procurement Policy 2011: A Work In Progress
By Major (ret’d) Guneet Chaudhary

Case Notes – New Jersey Appellate Court Rejects Economic and Spiritual Injury Claims against Restaurant that Served Meat-Filled Samosas to Vegetarian Diners
By Sean G. Kulkarni

Spring 2011 – Anti-Corruption

The U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Doing Business in India
By Rina Pal and James Parkinson

The Prevention Of Corruption Act: Closing The Structural Gaps That Hinder Its Enforcement
By Anand S. Dayal

Developing An Anti-Corruption Compliance Program Suitable For India And The FCPA
By Aaron Schildhaus

Enacting Whistleblower Protection Legislation In India
By Priyanka Sharma

The United Kingdom’s New Bribery Statute
By Poorvi Chothani

A Call For India To Join The OECD Convention On Combating Bribery And UN Convention Against Corruption
By Anupama Jha

Highlights Of Indian Tax Proposals In Finance Bill, 2011
ByAseem Chawla, Aurica Bhattacharya, and Priyanka Duggal

Case Notes
By Sean Kulkarni and Rina Shah

Winter 2011 – Immigration

Globalization And Immigration
By Poorvi Chothani

The Challenges Of Surrogacy In India
By Abhishake Sinha and Sayan Chakraborty

Preserving Lawful Permanent Resident Status In The United States: Risks And Options
By Hanishi Ali and Gabrielle M. Buckley

The US H-1B Quota And Its Effect On Indian Companies
By Krishna Palagummi

Practice Tips For H-1B And L-1 Visa Adjudication
By Rajiv S. Khanna

Overseas Citizen Of India
By Sudhir Shah

Case Notes – United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit rejects Indian Muslim’s Religious Persecution Asylum Petition
By Kavita Mohan

Fall 2010 – Legal Education

Legal Education in India
By Kian Ganz

Indo-U.S. Ties And The Next Generation Of Law Teachers
By Prof. Jane E. Schukoske

Writing Requirements, Student Assessment And Plagiarism In Indian Law Schools
By Jonathan Gingerich and Aditya Singh

India From Within:  The India Internship Project At The Indiana University Maurer School Of Law
By Ramla Farzad

Establishing India’s First Global Law School: Challenges And Opportunities
By C. Raj Kumar & Jonathan Burton-MacLeod

Bank Deposit Guarantee In India – An Overview
By H. Jayesh and Veena Sivaramakrishnan

Med-Arb: A Viable Substitute For International Arbitration
By Norman Solovay and Tanya DeSouza

Case Notes
By Poorvi Chothani

Summer 2010

Regulation of the Import, Cultivation, and Sale of Genetically Modified Food Crops in India
By Anand S. Dayal

Navigating the India Defense Opportunity
By Mohit Saraf and Sanjay Mullick

New Minimum Public Shareholding Requirements For Indian Companies
By Ajit Sharma and Vardaan Ahluwalia

Withholding Tax on Service Fees Remitted to the U.S.
By H. Jayesh and Freddy Daruwala

New Legislation Modifies U.S. Tax Withholding Regime
By Timothy D. Richards and Alonso E. Sanchez

Towards a Global Financial Recoup—The Taxing Path
By Aseem Chawla and Surabhi Singhi

Re-evaluating Indian Pharma in Light of the Abbott – Piramal Deal
By Rina Pal

No Conclusion to Doha in 2010
By Kavita Mohan

Revisiting the Law After Suspended Sentences Imposed in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy
By Anand S. Dayal and Jonathan Wolff

Case Notes
By B.C. Thiruvengadam, Thiru & Thiru, Advocates

Additional Case Notes
By Ranjan Jha, Bhasin & Co., Advocates

Spring 2010 – Human Rights

The State of Civil and Human Rights in India
By Fali S. Nariman

Domestic Violence Act, 2005 – An Aid to Battered Women
By Prachi Chindarkar

Historic First Delegation From India Opens New Doors
By Jaipat S. Jain

India’s Legal Aid System:  Issues and Challenges
By Ajay Verma

The Paradox of Gender In the Human Rights Discourse
By Veena Poonacha

The Women’s Reservation Bill:  Encouraging Inclusive Representation in Indian Government
By Rita Roy

From Proclaiming To Realizing Human Rights — An Indian Perspective
By Rishabh Jogani

Sexual Harassment in the Work Place
By Madhooja Mulay

Case Notes
By B.C. Thiruvengadam


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