India Committee

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The India Committee is a forum for ABA International members who have an interest in India legal, regulatory and policy matters, both in the private and public international law spheres. The Committee facilitates information sharing, analysis, and review on these matters, with a focus on the evolving Indo-US relationship. Key objectives include facilitation of trade and investment in the private domain, while concurrently supporting democratic institutions in the public domain. The Committee believes in creating links and understanding between the legal fraternity, bar associations, law students, business organizations in India and the US, as well as other countries, in an effort to support the global Rule of Law.

Become a Member!

Membership in the India Committee is free to all members of ABA International. If you are not an ABA International member, you may become one by signing up on the ABA website. We encourage active participation in the Committee’s activities and welcome your interest in joining the Steering Committee. If you are interested, please send an email to the Co-Chairs. You may also participate by volunteering for any of the Committee’s projects, including editing a future issue of the India Law News.

Membership in the India Committee will enable you to participate in an online “members only” listserv to exchange news, views or comments regarding any legal or business developments in or concerning India that may be of interest to Committee members.

We hope you will consider joining the India Committee!

Leadership (2014 – 2015)


Richa Naujoks
James P. Duffy, III
Shikhil Suri

Immediate Past Chairs

Sajai Singh
Sanjay T. Tailor

Senior Advisors:
Aaron Schildhaus
Vandana Shroff
Priti Suri
Eric B. Wulff


Hanishi Ali
Raj Barot
Asma Chandani
Aseem Chawla
Poorvi Chothani
Ashish Jejurkar
Kavita Mohan
J.L.N. Murthy
Sanjay Notani
Bhalinder L. Rikhye

Steering Group

Anurag Bana
Ashitha Bhagwam
Gaurav Dani
William Reynolds Harris
Ashish S. Joshi
Gagan Kumar
Viren Mascarenhas
Vikram D. Shroff
Kaviraj Singh
Roland Lealie Trope


Publications – Bhali Rikhye (editor in chief/chair), Poorvi Chothani, Aseem Chawla, Farrell A. Brody, Sylvana Sinha and Daniel Hantman

Programs – Sylvana Sinha (chair), Ashish Jejurkar, Bob Metzger, JLN Murthy, Roland Trope

Human trafficking – Sam McCahon (chair), Hanishi Ali, Julia Luyster

Rule of law and policy – Asma Chandani and Anurag Bana (co-chairs).

Diversity – Gagan Kumar

Year-in-review – Aseem Chawla (editor in chief/chair), Kavita Mohan, Raj Barot

Website and social media – Bhali Rikhye and Raj Barot (co-chairs)


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