India Law News

Welcome to the India Committee!

As with past issues of India Law News, the Steering Group has decided that the Winter Issue should be devoted to a specific topic – for this issue, Immigration. Also in keeping with our most recent practice, we have a guest Editor for this issue, Poorvi Chothani. We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Poorvi for organizing this issue.

We welcome input from members of the India Committee for topics and how to best present India Law News. So far, we have enjoyed exceptionally strong interest from our members, which has helped mold India Law News into the quality publication it is today. Our next issue — which again will be topical — will deal with laws against corruption. As with prior issues, this is being published in conjunction with our webinar on dealing with corrupt practices.

At our Steering Group call on February 1, the Steering Group discussed numerous potential topics for our 2011 Summer issue. However, no decisions have been made as yet. If you have any ideas of interesting and worthwhile topics, we would enjoy hearing from you.

In our 2010 Fall Issue, we mentioned the possibility of a delegation of US lawyers visiting India. However, due to timing constraints, we were not able to organize this for early 2011. We are now starting early planning at organizing a program to be held in India (probably Mumbai or New Delhi) in the Fall of 2011 in conjunction with a visit by US lawyers. We will keep you posted on these developments as they unfold. In the meantime, we expect to have a number of members of the India Committee from India attend the ABA International’s Spring Meeting in April in Washington, DC.

Sincerely yours,

Vandana Shroff
Erik Wulff




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